My blog on top of 100k Alexa Ranking!!! That's my daydreaming Oh... I always hope that my dream comes true...But when ? Hmmm....until now I still don't know exactly how to achieve it.
Are there some easy ways to manipulate my Alexa Rank?
I have been searched some ways to boost my site traffic rank in the past few week. I have also tried to post traffic booster article to increase traffic in my site 3 days ago. I hope It' ll really work on it in the next few week. Cause my Alexa rank now(July 23, 2007), as you can see in my site, around 8 million. My goodness, that's in the bottom level. what a shame!

Learning from John Cow to boost Alexa Rank, he said that some people thought by adding Alexa redirect URL to their home page, it could boost their rank. But according to the expertis who have shared their thought that it is a big-no, and have recommended to stop using that.
Still from John Cow post, he suggest to start using Firefox With Google Toolbar to boost Alexa Rank. Because the statistic of their web server said that 64.4% their visitor are Firefox user. So it could be potentially increase your Alexa Rank 60%.
Meanwhile Terence Chang in his post of How to Increase Alexa Ranking, suggest us to join community blog like,, and He has posted traffic booster related post.
He also took the Alexa redirect out from his site after read the articles from the internet which claimed Alexa does not work and sucks.
I will try all those informations above for my blog's Alexa Rank. I've already signed up for,, and and And I will learn and keep trying to find from other sources the ways to increase it. Of course I will tell you all the informations of my result in the next few days.

There is a concept to increase traffic for your blog. I have invited by Bryan from One Mans Goal to join this concept which is created for blogger to increase incoming link to their blog. The concept is Viral Link. Just place our link and add your friends link on top of the list and You create a viral link that will be spread around the internet. And than ask people to do the same. As easy as that.
Would you join this viral link and let the magic link spread...???

Here is how you need to do:
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That's it.

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Informasi ringan nan menarik seputar tanggal, bulan dan tahun kelahiran Anda. Pada hari apakah Anda lahir. Bintang Anda. Umur anda dalam hitungan tahun, bulan, hari, jam, dan detik. Siapakah tokoh penting dunia yang lahir di hari yang sama dengan anda.
Dan masih banyak informasi lainnya di seputar hari, tanggal, bulan, dan tahun kelahiran anda yang dapat anda peroleh disini. Walaupun dalam Bahasa Inggris, informasi ini cukup menarik untuk disimak dan dicoba. Tertarik....???

Selain bisa mendapatkan informasi penting mengenai even dan peristiwa penting apa saja di dunia yang terjadi di hari kelahiran anda, anda juga bahkan bisa tahu head line surat kabar terkemuka di dunia yang mengantar ikut kelahiran Anda pada saat itu.
Pokoknya dijamin seru abis...Segudang informasi dari segala penjuru dunia bisa Anda dapatkan hanya dengan memasukkan tangal, bulan, dan tahun kelahiran Anda.
Penasaran untuk segera nyoba...? Klik saja disini: HARI KELAHIRAN

Gimana..menurutmu.....Asyik enggak.....?

Indonesia gonna have nuclear power plants. The goverment plans to built its first nuclear power plant on the foothills of Mount Muria, a dormant volcano on the north coast of Java island.
A well constructed nuclear power plant maybe have an important advantage when it comes to electrical power generation. They extermely clean.
Compared with a coal-fired power plant, nuclear power plants are a dream come true from an environmental standpoint. A coal-fired power plant actually releases more radioactivity into the atmosphere than a properly functioning nuclear power plant. Coal-fired plants also release tons of carbon, sulfur and other elements into the atmosphere.
But we have to consider the very real possibility of a large industrial accident occurring within the plant as a result of mechanical failure, human failure, and natural disaster which almost every year strikes our community.

There are significant problems with nuclear power plants:
1. Natural phenomenom like earthquake, tsunami, storms, and ligthning can contribute to increase d safety risk at nuclear power station.
2. Mining and purifying uranium has not, historically, been a very clean process.
3. Improperly functioning nuclear power plants can create big problems. The Chernobyl disaster is a good recent example.
Chernobyl on April 26, 1986 occurred as a result of an experiment on how long safety equipment would function during shutdown at the fourth reactor unit at Ukraine's first and largest nuclear power station. The operators had dismantled safety mechanisms at the reactor to prevent its automatic shutdown, but this reactor type (a graphitemoderated Soviet RBMK) became unstable if operated at low power. An operator error caused a power surge that blew the roof off the reactor unit, releasing the contents of the reactor into the atmosphere for a period of about twelve days.Chernobyl was poorly designed and improperly operated, but it dramatically shows the worst-case scenario. Chernobyl accident scattered tons of radioactive dust into the atmosphere.
4. Problems of waste disposal. Spent fuel from nuclear power plants is toxic for centuries, and, as yet, there is no safe, permanent storage facility for it.

5. Transporting nuclear fuel and waste to and from plants poses some risk: how do you guarantee against an accident en route?

These problems have largely derailed the creation of new nuclear power plants. Our goverment and society seem to have decided that the risks outweigh the rewards. So what do you think ?? give your comment here...

A useful tip for you which allows you to search for some one faces and potraits images with Google Image Search. If you try searching for Paris(Hilton)with Google Image Search, you will have multiple images related to Paris. Paris Hilton faces and potraits, as well as the city intermixed.

But if you try this face search tips, it will shows you only images with Paris Hilton face photos. Want to try this?

How does this face recognition search work?

If the normal search url looks like this

Simply add &imgtype=face to the URL, and enter. Your new face search results will be displayed.

If you append &imgtype=news to the URL, the new results features images related to the news event.

Try it...

Source: Quick On Line Tips

After you decide to create your blog on Blogger, it has a simple and fine interface that takes care of many things for you. There are suggestions to you for your first "free essential must haves" for your blog.
1. Feedburner - It generates an smart feed compatible with all feed readers for free like my feed. It allows you to put easy subscribe buttons for XML, Add to Yahoo, Add to Newsgator, Add to MSN etc. Read about how their single feed policy can benefit you.
It can give you a cool feed count chicklet button to show how many readers are using your feed to read your blog. It also gives you a headline animator which you can attach to your blog to display the recent 5 posts in a nice animated fashion. You can get an authentic Creative Common license, get a browser friendly RSS feed, Splice photos and links and more…
2. Haloscan - Trackback is an essential component of blogging these days. Unfortunately Blogger does not have trackback. Haloscan provides you with a seamless way to integrate free trackback in your blog by adding a small code. You can also integrate their comments component if you like to replace the Blogger comments. Read about Haloscan or Blogger comments.
The benefits are that you can edit Haloscan comments, and open them in a pop up and keep them separate from your post (Blogger allows you to only delete comments and not edit them, also on the post page all comments will show whether you like it or not).
The main disadvantage is it will not email you these comments (like Blogger) for free and it is difficult to track where these comments were made. Another major benefit is that it allows you to send pings and trackback to other sites when you mention about them in your posts.
3. Imageshack - Dont you want to fill your blog with images without hassles of registration. Imageshack provides an excellent interface to take care of your free image hosting needs. Maybe it is this the fastest way to host an image on the web. Allows lots of image format, hotlinking, transloading from other sites. Its a good idea to register to keep track of all your images in one place. It is much convenient than the proposed Hello and Picassa options…
Update: Blogger enabled hosting of images on its own webspace making it easier to host images in your posts. But you cannot manage or edit / delete your blogger images in any way
4. Technorati - Create and add a technorati profile. It allows you to claim your blog in this huge blogosphere. It allows you to put an excellent technorati search on your blog. The best part is that whenever someone mentions or links to any page of your blog, technorati knows and a search for your blog on technorati shows exactly how many sites link to which pages of your blog and when they were added with a small description. See why you need a technorati account.
5 - Sitemeter - Just takes 5 minutes to get a free tracker which gives you realtime site traffic statistics to check the quantity and quality of your site traffic with detailed referrer and geographic data. I have checked out several other tracking sites, but this one seems the best. Although you need to keep a counter visible (as a logo, visitor counter) and the statistics can be made private too.
StatCounter gives much more detailed statistics and the counter is totally invisible and free totally till you start getting large traffic, when you need to pay. But the disadvantage is that both of these track the last 100 visitors only, while another free service Extreme Tracking tracks them all… but you statistics cannot be made private. More options I like are Google Analytics for deep traffic statistical analysis and it is hidden too.
6. Feedblitz - It quickly allows your blog visitors to subscribe by email to your new posts. They just have to enter their email. You decide which page opens after they press Subscribe. A quick confirmatory email to them and they get 1 email daily with all your new posts. You can decide if you want to send the full post or short posts with defined number of characters. Very good to keep your subscribers informed of new posts. It allows them to unsubscribe easily also. Example for our blog.
7. My Blog Log - Tracks outgoing links to let you know where your traffic is going. The free limited version data is not in much detail, yet provides a good idea. You can also add a Top 5 Our Links module to your web site. Now they have a MyBlogLog community to get some extra site traffic too.
8 AudioBlogger- Audioblogger allows free unlimited audio posts from any phone to your Blogger blog. You call the number (Currently a US phone number), record a post, then your blog is updated with an audioblogger icon and a link to your recorded audio.
9. w.bloggar - It is a Post and Template editor, with several features and resources that the browser based blog editors do not offer. It enables users to have only one interface to several accounts hosted on several different sites, using different publishing systems. Helps to manage multiple blogs on Blogger very effectively.
10 Blogger Mobile - opens a new concept of Moblogging i.e. blogging by your mobile phone. When you send text or photos from your mobile device to they’re automatically posted to your new blog page.
11. Blogexplosion - helps you get confirmed traffic to your blog. The principle is simple, you visit other peoples blogs and they visit yours. For every 2 blogs you visit, one visitor comes to you. This is very good if you are new blogger and have hardly any traffic. Definitely try the Rent a Blog advertising swap service.
12. Pingoat - Pinging lets dozens of blogging services know you’ve updated your site and increases traffic to your blog. Just enter your blog name and blog home page, check the blogging services you want to ping, just click ‘Submit Pings’ and in one click it pings all of them. Pingoat offers a wide variety of such services and is fast too. See many more one click pinging services.
13. Creative Commons - It offers a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors and artists. They have built upon the “all rights reserved” of traditional copyright to create a voluntary “some rights reserved” copyright. They are nonprofit and all tools are free and useful to highlight the way in which you want others to use you content.
14. Google Adsense and Search - When you take all effort to write for a blog, why not optimize it to make some money. Let users search for good posts in your blog. And now it even helps to monetize you feeds.

Source: Quick on line tips

Apakah rekan-rekan termasuk orang yang sering menggunakan layanan SMS ?. Atau malah termasuk yang hobi berat ber-SMS ria ?
Wuah....kebetulan...ada berita menarik nih bagi rekan-rekan semua. Ada cara untuk ber-SMS ria gratis.....bagi pengguna Indosat atau XL !!. Beneran.. 100% gratis !!
Rekan rekan semua dapat ber-SMS sepuas-puasnya dengan pacar, teman, kerabat, ataupun saudara tanpa dipungut biaya sepeser pun. Menarik bukan.

Ya...sangat menarik sekali. Kebetulan saja ketika browsing di internet ada informasi semacam itu. Memang seribu satu macam informasi bisa kita dapatkan lewat internet.
Saya juga sudah mencoba SMS gratis ini. Hasilnya...memang benar-benar bisa dan gratis....tis...


Sebelumnya, saya pesankan untuk rekan semua, manfaatkan info ini untuk hal-hal yang bermanfaat dan mendesak saja. Saya menyatakan tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala akibat dari postingan ini. Saya juga tidak bertanggung jawab apabila alamat yang saya beritahukan digunakan untuk hal yang kurang benar dan melawan hukum. Salam.

Seperti diambil dari: Elektronika-Elektronika

Almost every year, emergency situations strikes our communities. Tsunami, severe storms, floods, earthquake, and fires are the most common. No one now is immune. A catastrophe can hit anyone, anywhere in this country
Natural and industrial disasters are truly unpredictable, at least to the general population. Hot mud flow in Porong, several transportation and industrial accidents, and even terrorist attack fall into this category. Such event seem remote and improbable, and generally with out warning.

On the other hand, most emergency situations can be foreseen. For example, if you live in a forested area, you need to be prepared for a forest fire. Likewise, if you live in a flood plain or a tornado zone you must have a safety plan to deal with those possibilities. Moreover, everyone needs to know what they would do in case of a home fire. Whether you live in a house or an apartment you must have an escape plan.

Catastrophes are often associated with extreme weather, so it’s very important to heed weather warnings. Even with very short notice, you can take necessary precautions and cancel unnecessary activities.

On the other hand, a major fire or flood may require evacuation. Where would you stay? How would you get there? You’ll need to take personal essentials, including personal identification for all family members. Keep your gas tank at least half full; you may need to make a trip in the car at a moment’s notice.

Precautionary habits prove their worth when an unexpected emergency occurs. If your health depends on certain medications, refill prescriptions so you keep at least a week’s supply on hand; and update all contact information and plans whenever there is a change. You should also check that your insurance covers the types of catastrophic events that could happen in your area.

It’s hard to think straight under crisis conditions. Planning in advance for an emergency enables you and your family to make smart decisions. Even though you can’t prevent an earthquake or stop a flood, you can take measures to keep your family safe. That’s the reason why we need Emergency Response Plan for our family and community.


Ditengah kondisi bangsa yang belum saja bisa bisa dikatakan membaik.
Ditengah carut marut kehidupan sosial masyarakat kita dewasa ini.
Bahkan mungkin ditengah kegelisahan kita dengan segala apapun yang kita alami
Kita senantiasa harus selalu merasa yakin bahwa apapun yang terjadi pada diri kita, baik ataupun buruk, semata-mata dirancang oleh Yang Maha Kuasa hanya utuk memuliakan kita.
Kita harus selalu yakin bahwa yang membentuk keberhasilan dan kemuliaan hidup kita adalah kualitas reaksi yang kita berikan terhadap segala yang menimpa kita,
jika kita memperlakukan segala kejadian dengan sikap yang baik, kita akan menjadi pribadi yang berhak untuk hidup dalam kebaikan.

Karena sebetulnya, apapun yang terjadi, setiap dari kita sebenarnya sudah beruntung,
tetapi mungkin kita belum menyadari.
setiap dari kita bisa lebih beruntung.

Orang yang merugi,
adalah dia yang tidak menjadi
sebagaimana dia bisa menjadi.
Dia tidak mencapai keberuntungan maksimalnya.

Masalahnya bukanlah kurangnya pengetahuan,
tetapi tidak cukupnya tindakan.

sekedar bertindak dan bekerja saja tidak cukup, untuk hasil yang terbaik.

Kita harus bekerja keras.
Bekerja keras itu mulia,
karena bahkan saat kita bekerja keras untuk sesuatu yang tidak menghasilkan, kita tetap diuntungkan oleh penampilan dari kesungguhan kita.
Dan kita juga tetap diuntungkan oleh latihan baik yang kita dapatkan di dalam bekerja keras itu.

Bila tidak ada orang yang memperhatikan kerja keras kita,
sadarilah bahwa Yang Maha Kuasa sedang lekat memperhatikan kita.

Janganlah kita berkecil hati,
dengan kecil dan lambatnya hasil dari kerja keras kita.
Karena cinta kasih dari Yang Maha Kasih,
dibangun dari keharuan yang syahdu kepada mereka yang tetap setia pada kerja kerasnya.
Walaupun...apapun itu..

Kita harus bersabar

Karena akan pasti datang.
Penuntun bagi penetapan kerja kita.
Dan karena-Nya juga kita,
akan tumpah semua rahmat yang selama ini tertunda dengan sebuah maksud.
Janganlah lupa bahwa alam tidak pernah berlaku, tanpa sebuah maksud yang pasti.

Kita harus bekerja keras

Kita pasti setuju bahwa bekerja keras pada pilihan pekerjaan yang tepat, akan menghasilkan hadiah yang dapat membiayai pencapaian dari impian-impian kita yang lebih besar.
Bekerja keras sesaat, hanya cukup untuk pencapaian hasil sesaat.

Tetapi hidup kita ini adalah barisan panjang dan tak berjeda dari banyak saat.
Hanya dia yang memiliki disiplin pribadi yang baik, yang akan memastikan dirinya bekerja keras pada pekerjaan yang tepat setiap saat.

maka bekerja keras di sepanjang semua saat itu,
adalah pembangun dan pembentuk kehidupan ini.

Dia yang malas bekerja keras, harus rajin berlatih meminta-minta.
Dia yang menghindari kerja keras saat muda,
akan dipaksa bekerja keras di masa tua...

Seperti dirangkum dari: Discourse milist MTSC

Seperti biasanya, hari minggu pagi adalah hari yang sangat menyenangkan bagi semua orang. terutama anak-anak. Hal juga pula yang dirasakan oleh anak-anak ku. Begitu sinar cerah matahari menyapa, dan mereka terbangun dari tidurnya, "my two super kids" langsung merangsek ke Bapak-Ibunya. Yang sebenarnya lagi memanjakan diri dengan menikmati "perpanjangan waktu tidur" saat wiken. Kali-kali aja akumulasi dari kepenatan setelah seminggu kerja bisa hilang.
Entah ide dari mana mereka memaksakan untuk "jalan-jalan di alun-alun kota. "Mau ke alun-alun Pak, lihat air mancur !!" kata si bungsu sambil terus menarik-narik tanganku. Suatu permintaan yang tidak bisa kutolak untuk kululuskan. Pikirku mungkin mereka jenuh dan ingin bermain di "open space", sambil sekaligus jajan.

Meskipun sudah agak siangan akhirnya berangkatlah kita ke alun-alun kota gresik. Yang jaraknya kurang lebih 5 Km dari rumah. Keramaian minggu pagi sudah mulai berkurang, saat kami sampai disana.
Mereka kubiarkan lepas berlarian dan bermain sesampainya disana. Seperti yang kubayangkan mereka sangat menikmati menghabiskan waktu
di sana beberapa jam . Hal ini bisa ku lihat dari keceriaan wajah mereka , walau berlumur keringat. Ya...lumayan lah...hiburan murah meriah.....pikirku.
Layaknya sebagian kota di Indonesia, alun-alun kota Gresik juga merupakan salah satu tempat nongkrong warga kota. Space yang luas untuk berlarian anak-anak, rumput hijau dan taman yang tertata rapi, banyaknya pedagang makanan dan mainan di sisi-sisinya, juga air mancur di tengah-tengahnya semakin menciptakan kesegaran suasana untuk melepas lelah.
Di hari Minggu pagi, alun-alun selalu dipenuhi dengan aktivitas warga yang ber-olah raga, ataupun yang sekedar berjalan-jalan untuk sekedar menghirup udara pagi yang masih segar. Suasana rindang dan hijau memang ditunjang dengan banyaknya pohon-pohon dan taman disekelilingnya. Ya...alun-alun yang berada di tepat tengah-tengah kota tersebut seakan menjadi "paru-paru kota" bagi warga, di antara berbagai macam pabrik yang berdiri di sekitarnya.
Susana malam minggu adalah puncak kepadatan alun-alun ini. Pengunjung dari semua sudut kota seakan tak mau menyia-nyiakan tanah lapang tersebut untuk bersantai dengan teman, maupun keluarganya. Juga keberadaan rombongan wisatawan lokal yang mampir di alun-alun setelah melakukan wisata religi, semakin meramaikan suasana.
Di seputaran kota Gresik yang tidak terlalu luas memang tidak ada "public facility" yang menawarkan hiburan dimalam hari. Lain halnya dengan Surabaya, tetangga terdekat Gresik, yang banyak dihiasi dengan beragam alternatif hiburan di malam hari. Sehingga tidak sedikit warga Gresik yang "tersedot" kesana.
Ya..alun-alun kota ini semakin hari semakin dirasakan penting keberadaannya bagi warga Gesik. Hal ini seakan juga dipahami oleh pemda setempat. Sehingga tidak heran upaya-upaya untuk semakin mempercantik keberadaannya semakin getol dilakukan. Memang kalau semua komponen dari masyarakat merasa membutuhkan, dan "memiliki" pasti semua akan ikut menjaga dan merawatnya. walaupun masih ada sekelompok kecil orang-orang yang belum menyadari hal tersebut. harapan kita semua, semoga alun-alun Gresik ini semakin cantik dan nyaman bagi semua orang, sehingga menjadi salah satu "icon" kota yang selalu ramai dikunjungi.

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